Samsung Galaxy S8 Trailer 2017

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Samsung Galaxy Concept Trailer 2017! with 4K display and iris scanner including features like HDR Gaming, and much more! Want to see my previous technological video? Check this: Video by Milind Chandwe. Credits to my Mom: Ganga Chandwe. Music: Future Technology by NeonSoundtracks. Provider: NeonSoundtracks. Join with us via: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest: Credits: All Dear Viewers and Mr. Milind Chandwe. Dear Viewers, thanks for watching our video, if you like this video please SUBSCRIBE to our channel and turn on your notifications for latest updates of upcoming Brand New Gadgets and on more videos like this. Please share this video via your social networking sites with your friends, relatives or known ones. At last if you like and want to appreciate my work please thumbs up the like button. About Techscinium: Techscinium is a YouTube channel where you will get all tech. related content the unboxing, concepts, reviews & technology explanations videos. Thanks for watching the video and always stay tune with Techscinium. USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, London, NewYork, Europe, Africa, Japan, Korea, India, etc.


Vijayasundari (3 months ago)

awesome a dream to hold one.

Taiwo (2 months ago)

Great phone

GOUTAM PRAMANICK (2 months ago)


Tagod (2 months ago)


Kelly (2 months ago)


Kelly (2 months ago)


Sarvind (2 months ago)


PHANI KUMAR MODUGU (1 month ago)


Kristina (1 month ago)


Yash (21 days ago)


Roopendra (12 days ago)

Nice product

Sujeet Dubey (10 days ago)

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